Sweet Home Carolina: A Story Filled with Love and Second Chances

When a hard working woman leaves her hectic, Los Angeles lifestyle for a small, South Carolina town, memories from the past rekindle a new light in her life. Heather McComb and Paul Greene, star in this heartwarming story about a single mother struggling to raise her two daughters, attempting to find herself, and hoping for a second chance at love.

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After having some rough months at work, Diane (McComb) is forced by her boss to take some time off and spend some quality time with her daughters, Andrea and Aubrey. Stressed, fatigued, and struggling to pay bills, her prayers are answered when she is informed that she has inherited her great-aunt’s house in South Carolina. Memories of the summers she spent there when she was young come rushing back. Her fondest memory being the summer she met Luke (Greene). The only catch is that before she can sell the house, she has to live there for one year; as well as take care of her great-aunt’s dog, Mister. In hopes of a fresh, new start, Diane and her daughters make the move to this quaint town. It doesn’t take long for the three of them to adjust to their new lifestyles, and for Diane to realize how much she missed being there. Not only how much she missed the town, but also how much she missed and deeply cares for Luke. Will these two sweethearts find their second chance at love? Can Diane fully commit to the small-town lifestyle? Or will the pressure of her career and bustling city life pull her back in?

I thought this movie had the perfect amount of drama, romance, and comedy. Not only are there plenty of sweet moments that pull at your heart strings, but there are also very real storylines that many can relate to. In Diane’s character we see a mom who is struggling to raise two kids, while also balancing her job. There are so many women who can relate to this, whether they’re single or married. Trying to balance both roles of maintaining a career and being a mother can be very challenging. In Diane’s older daughter Andrea, played by Lexi Giovagnoli, viewers witness a powerful character arc going from rebellion and darkness to acceptance and new found light. Both actresses portray these storylines beautifully, and you truly feel like you’re going on the journey with them as they accept new changes in their lives.

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Heather McComb and Paul Greene did an amazing job portraying their characters. It’s no surprise, seeing as both actors are incredible in all their movies, but the chemistry between the two was perfect. You can feel every word they say to each other and see how in-the-moment they are in every scene. There are plenty of aww moments, and even some tear-jerking ones. Heather portrayed her character with so much strength and grace. She had some very emotional scenes, and you can’t help but feel like you are experiencing it with her and lose yourself in her performance. Paul does an amazing job bringing his sweet natured personality to this character, which perfectly balances the more fast-paced personality Diane has. He does a great job bringing this cool, calm, and collected small-town guy to life. There’s also a deeper and more emotional side to this character, which I really enjoyed getting to see Paul portray. An added bonus was getting to see Paul sing and play his guitar, because it made his character that much more genuine. Honestly, the entire cast was amazing and each one added something unique to the story.

Sweet Home Carolina masterfully mixes romance and drama, and even comedy! There are several characters that bring the comedic touch and light-hearted personalities. Showing the contrast between the typical L.A. lifestyle versus the typical lifestyle of a small, southern town was one of my favorite comedic aspects. I thought this attention to detail was perfectly shown and discussed in dialogue between characters. Also, the setting of this film serves as the perfect backdrop to tell this story that you immediately find yourself immersed in.

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If you find yourself looking for a movie that will put a smile on your face and take you on an emotional journey, I highly recommend Sweet Home Carolina. This movie is available to buy and rent on iTunes, Amazon, Vudu. Do yourself a favor and watch this movie. You won’t regret it! I hope you find it as enjoyable as I did!

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*Photo credit to MarVista Entertainment

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