A Young Girl Helps Heal an Aching Heart

The fourth season of When Calls the Heart is quickly coming to an end, but not before we have some final pieces of drama, love, and friendship. In this past episode, entitled Heart of a Secret, Elizabeth gets her own taste at motherhood, Carson reveals his past, Nurse Faith finds new love, and Becky is back in town.

Let’s start with one of the cutest storylines we’ve seen this season, which is the relationship between Miss Thatcher and Opal. We’ve always loved our sweet Opal, and Brownie, but this week the cuteness was taken to another level. Opal’s grandmother is suffering from an illness, forcing her parents to go visit her in Cape Fullerton. When Miss Thatcher finds out, she offers to watch Opal until her parents get back. Opal spends several days with Miss Thatcher, but some of the other girls start to get jealous that she gets to spend all this time with Miss Thatcher. When some of the girls start teasing her about being the teacher’s pet, she invites them to spend the night at Miss Thatcher’s as well. Hesitant, Miss Thatcher agrees and all the girls from the class end up having a sleepover at her house. Not only were there several funny and uplifting moments between Opal and Miss Thatcher, but there were also several heartfelt and tender ones. The first being when Miss Thatcher advises Opal to count her blessings to help her fall asleep. Her list included her parents, Brownie, and Christmas! However, before Miss Thatcher leaves the room, Opal tells her she’s a blessing too. Another very sweet moment comes when Opal tells her that if God is watching over her grandmother, then she doesn’t need to worry about Mountie Jack because God is watching over him also. Opal truly helped Miss Thatcher take her mind off the danger Jack is facing, and to trust in God’s plan. Opal definitely stole the show for me this week! Huge shout out to Ava who did an incredible job and is such a talented young actress!

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Carson’s past is finally revealed when a mysterious woman, Marlise Bennett, arrives in town. After hearing her story, Bill takes Marlise to Abigail so she can hear what she has to say about Carson. She explains that he was a doctor and was married to her sister. Her sister was diagnosed with a tumor that could not be operated on. However, Carson decided to operate anyway and she died during the surgery. Due to this, Marlise sees him as a murderer and wants to sue him for negligence. Clearly troubled, Abigail asks Bill to investigate further. He discovers that Carson did nothing wrong and is cleared to continue practicing medicine. However, Carson tells Abigail that it’s probably best if he leaves town.

Dottie’s dress shop is officially open for business, and Rosemary is trying to start bringing in some orders. Rosemary’s luck runs dry, and is unsuccessful at receiving any business. She expresses her frustrations to Lee and he comes up with the idea to create uniform shirts for the men at the sawmill. Though she is hesitant at first, Rosemary decides that any business at all is beneficial for the shop. After a crucial conversation about the best kind of plaid, Rosemary and Lee come to an agreement on the design for the new shirts. Elizabeth also has a very sweet conversation with Rosemary where she asks her to design her wedding dress!


Looks like a new romance is blossoming between Faith and Shane! Elizabeth and Shane were having a conversation when Faith walks by, catching all of Shane’s attention. Elizabeth realizes this and encourages him to ask her out for dinner. Later that day we see Faith and Shane talking, but Philip isn’t reacting very well to the situation. Elizabeth comes up with an idea to help Faith win Philip over. For their nature project, Philip is assigned caterpillars. After school when Faith brings a first aid kit for the classroom, she tells Philip that she loves bugs and knows where they can find a lot of caterpillars. The two end up bonding, and Philip encourages his dad to invite her for dinner. Shane and Faith share a meal at the saloon, and end the night with a kiss!


There are two other scenes I want to mention. The first being when a Mountie arrives to Hope Valley. He crosses paths with Bill first and explains that they’re still outnumbered in the North, but they’re putting up a good fight. Later that night, he finds Elizabeth having dinner with Opal at the cafe. Elizabeth immediately asks him if he knows Jack. He tells her that Jack is his commanding officer, and that he talks about Elizabeth all the time. She asks him if he could deliver a message to him. On a piece of paper she writes Corinthians 13:4, “Love is patient.”

The other scene I really enjoyed was between Bill and Gowen in the jail. Gowen has decided to testify against the railroad, mostly because he wants to save himself. However, the two of them have a great conversation about the choices they’ve made in life and where it has taken them. Also how they’re really not that different from one another. I thought this was a great scene to include because these two have been at odds since Bill arrived to Hope Valley. It was nice to see them sort of come to terms with things and try to move on.

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With Cody’s birthday coming up, Abigail thought it would be nice to give him a surprise. Becky comes to visit! Cody is thrilled to see his sister, but is disappointed when he realizes she’s too busy to play with him. Becky is studying for her final exams and doesn’t have time for Cody. However, this isn’t the only thing bothering Cody. Abigail is concerned when she realizes he’s not eating and is more tired than usual. The episode ends with Cody telling Abigail he doesn’t feel well and collapses.

Next week is the season finale and it looks to be an emotional one! Cody is extremely sick, and the only one who might be able to save his life is Carson. Will Cody make it?

*Photo Credit to Hallmark and Crown Media



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