Justice is Served in Hope Valley

With only two episodes left in the season, unanswered questions are coming to light. In this past episode of When Calls the Heart, entitled Courageous Hearts, Ray Wyatt’s cruel methods come to an end, Carson sheds light on his dark past, two troubled brothers heal their aching hearts, and we get encouraging news from Jack.

Last week we left off with AJ and Bill barely escaping an attack from Ray’s right hand man, Dale. We find AJ and Bill on the search for the ledgers AJ had buried, serving as proof to Mayor Gowen’s and Ray’s crime. The two do experience some difficulties when a man recognizes AJ from a wanted list. They are able to get out of the situation, and end up finding the ledgers. Ray and Gowen are caught off guard when AJ and Bill arrive in Hope Valley because they thought Dale had killed them. Now having the proof they needed, Bill is able to arrest Ray and Gowen. Of course, Ray wasn’t going to go down without a fight. He pulls out a gun attempting to shoot Bill but, in a moment of redemption, Gowen stands in the way allowing Bill to take Ray down. Later, Bill takes AJ to jail and is surprised when she expresses her feelings for him and gives him a kiss. When he returns later that night to provide her with a meal, AJ is gone. Since Gowen is going to jail, this leaves Abigail as mayor once again. As a side note, I am really loving Bill this season! Is it just me or does he seem funnier?


We have been seeing more and more of Carson, and it’s clear that he’s forming a good relationship with Abigail. However, Pastor Frank doesn’t seem to be his biggest fan. After hearing Carson have a mysterious conversation with a man in the mercantile, Frank is convinced he’s hiding something. Unable to get it out of Carson himself, Frank sneaks into Carson’s room trying to find something that could give him an answer about who he is. Before Frank can find anything, Carson catches him and tells him to leave. The next day Frank tells Abigail that he was snooping around in Carson’s room, which leaves Abigail upset. However, Carson interrupts their conversation and explains that he is hiding something. His wife passed away due to a long term illness she was battling. He wanted a new start in life and that’s why he came to Hope Valley. Abigail thanks him for his honesty, but Frank is still suspicious.


Recently we were also introduced to Ray Wyatt’s nephews, Chad and Earl. Miss Thatcher was having a very hard time with Earl, specifically, due to unresolved issues he had from his mother leaving them. In this episode their father arrives and is surprised to hear the troubles they are having. Chad continues to open up and tries to become better friends with Cody, but Earl pulls him away from everything. Upset with the whole situation he’s dealing with, Earl vandalizes the classroom, leaving it a complete mess. Miss Thatcher has no choice but to expel Earl and Chad when neither confess, leaving Chad very sad that he has to leave. Later on, the two brothers start fighting and Earl tells Chad that he doesn’t need him and can leave just like their mother did. Their father interrupts the fight and explains to the boys that it’s not their fault that their mother left, and that he promises to be around more. The three end on good terms and go clean the classroom. Earl even manages to apologize to Miss Thatcher for all the trouble he has caused.

Watch out everyone! Rosemary is on the roads! Lee decides to buy a car seeing that he is in need of driving out of town more often for the saw mill. Of course Rosemary also wants to drive, because she needs to go get fabric to start working on dresses for Dottie’s shop. Lee decides to teach her how to drive, but it doesn’t turn out so well. Rosemary decides to drive on her own and nearly crashes into the mercantile! Lee and Rosemary get in a fight about this and Rosemary invites herself to stay at Elizabeth’s for the night. Elizabeth and Rosemary have a great conversation about how she needs to realize how lucky she is to have Lee in her life, and that maybe she did do wrong this time. The next morning Rosemary apologizes to Lee for what happened, and tells him he’s the best thing that has ever happened to her.


The moment we’ve all been waiting for! Elizabeth finally got a letter from Jack! He tells her that the only thing getting him through all the awful things he’s experiencing is thinking of her and the day they’ll get married. I think we’re all waiting for that day!

What do you think, Hearties? There are only two episodes left in the season. The previews for next week show a mountie arriving to Hope Valley with news from the North and a mysterious woman arrives saying Carson is a killer. What do you think Carson is hiding?

*Photo credit to Hallmark and Crown Media



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