New Faces Bring Unexpected Challenges

After the roller coaster of emotions Hearties experienced last Sunday, I think we deserved a much lighter episode this week. Which is exactly what we got! This episode, entitled Healing Heart, picks up two weeks after Jack left for the North. We find Elizabeth dealing with mixed emotions. She is happy knowing that she is engaged to the love of her life, but of course is worried for his safety and anxious not knowing when he’ll return. We are also introduced to some more new faces, we learn more about Abigail’s new cook, and we add business woman to Rosemary’s list of many talents.


Elizabeth is struggling with Jack’s departure, but she quickly becomes preoccupied when two new students arrive to her class. Chad and Earl Wyatt, Ray’s nephews, arrive to Hope Valley with their father who also works for the railroad. It becomes clear to Miss Thatcher that these boys, specifically Earl, have some unresolved feelings from the passing of their mother. During recess Earl and Chad bully Opal by taking Brownie away from her. Trying to stand up for his friend, Cody tells them to give it back to her. Cody and Earl begin to pull at the bear causing one of his arms to rip. The two boys continue fighting with one another until Miss Thatcher breaks them apart. She tries to express her concerns about the boys to their uncle, but when that fails Elizabeth decides to send a telegram to their father who is out of town. Though Earl continues to push everyone away, Chad does make some progress and opens up to Miss Thatcher. After playing with Cody and Dasher thanks to Miss Thatcher’s help, he realizes that she truly cares for her students. The next day during show and tell Chad takes a recorder his mom gave him, but explains he never got the chance to learn how to play it. Afterwards he tells Miss Thatcher that Earl lied. Their mom didn’t die, she left them.


Another new face we meet is AJ Foster. Bill had been tracking this person down and finally found a lead to their location. AJ Foster was the accountant who disappeared before testifying against Gowen. Bill heads out to Medford Falls and is surprised to discover that Mr. Foster is actually a woman. After much convincing, AJ finally opens up to Bill as to why she was protecting Gowen. She explains that she used to audit bank accounts and found the Mayor was transferring town funds into his personal account. When she was going to tell the truth, Ray sent one of his men to threaten her and pay her off to keep quiet. Ray hears that Bill is in Medford Falls and realizes he has uncovered the truth. He sends Dale to stop them, even if it means killing them. As Bill and AJ are about to leave Dale arrives shooting at them, but they’re able to escape by horse.

Ray Wyatt is really turning out to be worse than Gowen! Abigail’s Cafe has been extremely slow recently. Wondering why? Carson gives Abigail the bad news that Ray has decided to open a commissary for all the railroad workers closer to their headquarters. He wants to save time by not having his workers go into town to eat. He has also opened it to anyone in Hope Valley and has undercut his prices to make sure he receives more business. In an attempt to help bring back business, Carson makes flyers to pass out to people advertising the dinner specials at Abigail’s. Carson also gets a date out of this with Molly! They share a sweet dinner together, but it looks like they are only going to remain friends.


Rosemary and Lee were hysterical in this episode! Lee loses his voice and Rosemary takes it upon herself to speak for him. Of course Lee tries to communicate through hand gestures, but Rosemary basically does whatever she pleases. Like usual! She accompanies Lee to work where she ends up giving Jesse not only a promotion, but a raise as well. She also makes a deal with the railroad to provide the wood for their commissary. Of course she feels terrible when she finds out that they’re planning to use the wood for this purpose. So she decides to give Abigail business by ordering muffins, scones, and pies for all the men at the sawmill. At the end of the episode, the tables turn and Rosemary is left without her voice! How will she survive?


The preview for next week shows a concerned Elizabeth receiving news that a group of Mounties were ambushed and two were killed. We also will learn more about Carson’s mysterious past, and Bill finds an unexpected romance. Hearties, what are you most looking forward to for the rest of the season?

*Photo Credit to Hallmark Channel and Crown Media

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