Mounties and Matchmaking Stride into Hope Valley

Well Hearties, I think it’s safe to say that it was another eventful episode of When Calls the Heart. In this week’s episode, entitled Change of Heart, we are introduced yet again to new faces, we witness a struggling relationship, as well as the beginnings of a new one to form, a change in mayor, a bank robbery, and a father and son grow closer.

Let’s start with some of the more uplifting moments from this past episode. Rosemary adds yet another title to herself. Matchmaker! After receiving a letter from Cody meant for her advice column, she takes it upon herself to fix the situation. Cody needs help getting Abigail and Pastor Frank speaking to one another, so Rosemary comes up with different ways to bring them back together. However, this doesn’t go exactly as planned. First, she writes a letter for Cody to put in Frank’s jacket pocket. Well, he puts it in the wrong person’s jacket. Their second attempt also fails when they try placing a box of chocolates on Frank’s doorstep, but Robert ends up enjoying the treats instead. Finally, Rosemary and Cody work together to get Abigail and Frank down to the river to go fishing. Once they’re alone together they’re able to talk about their relationship and solve their problems.

Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 11.28.11 PM.png

This wasn’t the only happy couple Rosemary brings together! After seeing Murphy gazing at Katie Yost in the mercantile, she encourages him to pursue her. Murphy ends up receiving the letter that was supposed to be for Frank in his jacket pocket. This leads him to believe that it’s from Katie! Though it was a mistake, it allowed for Murphy to gain the courage to start talking more to Katie. Much to Rosemary’s delight! However, he still needed one last push in order to actually ask her out on a date. Rosemary becomes a puppeteer, grabbing Murphy to make hand gestures and speak for him in order to ask Katie out on a picnic. This scene was absolutely hilarious and one of my favorites! We always knew Rosemary was a meddler, but this took it to another level! I’ve been loving all of Rosemary’s antics this season. Her character brings so much light and so many laughs, and I don’t think the show would be the same without her.

Another heartfelt and tender storyline we went more in-depth with was between Shane and Philip Cantrell. The children were assigned to create a family tree. However, when Elizabeth realizes Philip has only included himself and his father on his tree she asks him about his mother. Philip explains that he took her away. Meaning she died giving birth to him, and that’s why his father doesn’t love him. Elizabeth explains to him that it’s not his fault, and tries to tell Shane to give more love and attention to his son. After some time, Shane finally comes to accept Elizabeth’s advice and makes a big step in his relationship with his son by giving him a hug. This was heartbreaking to find out why he was so distant from his own son, but ended on a positive and tender moment.

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Mounties for everyone! A large group of Mounties arrive to Hope Valley on their way up to the Northern territories. Among all these men in the red surge, we meet one of Jack’s old friends from his time at the Academy. Doug took the position Jack turned down and will be leading this group of men. Jack and Doug have a very meaningful conversation in the saloon about having a family. Doug explains that if he had a loved one, he wouldn’t be able to do his job to his full potential. But, he’s happy that Jack has found his purpose in Hope Valley. Later he shares a meal with Elizabeth and Jack, where he explains more of his story. As well as partakes in a fox trot with Elizabeth! Being so young, both Jack and Elizabeth are worried for his safety as he makes his way to a dangerous part of the country.

Some danger also arrives in Hope Valley when the Tate brothers decide to go through with their plans of robbing the payroll. However, their plans are cut short when Frank witnesses them guiding Mr. Jenkins at gunpoint to the bank. Frank alerts Jack to come up with a plan. Ray and Bill are in the bank when Curtis Tate finds them counting the money. He orders them to put it in the bag, while the other Tate brother stands guard outside. Frank, known as Matt Landry to the Tate brothers, is able to throw him off guard so that Jack can take him down. Hearing the gunshot, Curtis gets distracted long enough for Bill to also bring him down inside the bank.


In terms of the mayor of Hope Valley, well, there has been a change. Gowen receives news that the charges against him have been dropped, allowing him to recuperate his position as mayor. Of course, this is somewhat troubling for Abigail to see what will happen with the railroad now that Gowen is back in charge. Her suspicions prove to be right when she finds out that the railroad no longer has to pay taxes to the town. Upset with the news, Abigail rushes to his office to find him looking quite comfortable with Ray. Abigail takes it upon herself to warn Gowen to be careful with his decisions. I think it’s safe to say that everyone has been enjoying seeing Abigail step up and take more command. Those Hope Valley women sure are strong ones!

Another new face many Hearties were anxiously waiting for finally showed up. Carson Shepard, played by Paul Greene, arrived in a dramatic fashion to Hope Valley by saving Maggie from a speeding carriage. He visits Nurse Faith in the infirmary after injuring himself and it’s clear he’s familiar with medicine. However, due to the pain from his injury, he’s referred to Abigail’s to help at the cafe. Clara will no longer be working at the cafe because she wants to put her passion to work with Dottie at the dress shop, leaving Abigail in need of assistance. Trusting Faith’s judgement of character, she offers the position to Carson. Other than that, he’s still very much a mystery!

Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 11.31.35 PM.png

The episode ended on a big cliffhanger! Elizabeth had spoken to Ray about needing a bigger budget due to all the new students coming with the parents working at the railroad. Indifferent at first, Ray eventually tells Elizabeth that the railroad will double the school’s budget leaving Elizabeth very pleased. However, the episode ends with a new teacher in her classroom sent to be Elizabeth’s replacement!

So how are we all holding up Hearties? The preview for next week shows Elizabeth fighting for her job and Jack is forced to make a big decision. What do you think is going to happen? I think it’s safe to say we’re all intrigued!

*Photo Credit to Hallmark Channel and Crown Media

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