New Relationships Blossom in Hope Valley

Let me start out by saying that Hope Valley is overflowing with love, and we’re all loving it! The men this week really showed us their romantic sides, which I think all of us ladies thoroughly enjoyed! This past episode, entitled Heart of Truth, came with big decisions to be made, tensions caused by the railroad, a bear, and several sweet dates.

Allow me to start with a relationship a lot of Hearties have been waiting for, and their patience was finally rewarded. Team Classe this is for you! Since season 3 when we were first introduced to Jesse the spark between him and Clara was undeniable. However, their romance was not all too simple due to Jesse’s questionable past. Realizing that he could have a second chance to create a better life for himself, he began to turn a new leaf and get back in Clara’s good graces. I would say he’s definitely back in her good graces after this past episode! The two shared a beautiful stroll discussing their future dreams, aspirations, and taking chances. Clearly taking Jesse’s advice of taking chances to heart, in a sweet moment, Clara gently initiated their first kiss. With the beautiful scenery and perfect lighting, I am pretty sure all of Team Classe was overjoyed! So will it be all smooth sailing from here for these two love birds? There are still instances where Jesse shows signs of reverting back to his old ways. I for one am hopeful!


Switching over to our other pair of love birds, Jack and Elizabeth. Both were faced with their own concerns this week. After receiving his award, Jack was offered to lead his own division in the Northern territories. Of course he was conflicted whether or not to take this great opportunity. Elizabeth, on the other hand ,was disappointed to find out that her stories were turned down by the publisher she had sent them to. In yet another melt your heart moment with our favorite Mountie and teacher, Jack presents Elizabeth with a handmade version of her book. He wanted to be her first publisher, and even painted the illustrations himself to go along with the stories. (Cue the tears) Jack also decides not to take the position offered to him, knowing that his home is in Hope Valley.

There’s a bear in Hope Valley! Well, not exactly. The town begins to worry as news of a bear being spotted by the school spreads. After being assigned class monitor for the week, Robert was in charge of bringing everyone back in from recess. However, being deep in tea time with Brownie, Opal won’t listen to Robert to go inside. He decides to scare her to go inside by saying that there’s a bear. Being seen as a hero, Robert begins to have a guilty conscious. Through several meaningful conversations with Miss Thatcher, Bill, and Cody, Robert finally comes clean and learns an important lesson about telling lies.

We also see Abigail make her first big decision as mayor. Being pulled by both sides, the railroad and those who would be affected by the railway, Abigail decides to leave it to the town to vote. After a split vote, the decision is left down to Abigail. Her decision is to change the current proposal from the railroad so that those living in areas where they want to put the main line won’t be affected. However, Ray Wyatt doesn’t seem to be too pleased with that decision.

Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 2.23.57 PM.png

Team Honey Bunny also seem to be going through some bumps in their marriage. With a new contract, work is increasing for Lee at the saw mill. He’s forced to go to Union City and leaves Rosemary at home trying to find something to preoccupy herself with. We witness the first real conversation between Rosemary and Bill, where she vents her frustrations of not being able to spend enough time with Lee anymore. In order to help take her mind off things, Bill offers her a job at the cafe. Of course, Rosemary is thrilled to be productive. As well as be given the opportunity to hear more town gossip for her advice column while she works. Being the oh so subtle woman that she is, Rosemary writes a column directed towards all the working men in town from the perspective of their wives. Clearly Lee takes the hint and creates a beautiful setting, filled with flowers, strawberries, and champagne, in their backyard. This sweet moment ends with a promise to have a date night every week, much to Rosemary’s content.


Overall, this episode did an amazing job highlighting all the relationships in Hope Valley. It was a great start to see the hurdles Abigail will be facing as mayor and how she will try to deal with each fairly. And as always the kids did an amazing job! We even got a little tease towards a possible love interest between Faith and Ray Wyatt! What do you think hearties, should Faith stay away or pursue it? Next week looks to be filled with more drama as new outlaws are introduced, Frank’s past comes back to haunt him, and a new face is welcomed to Miss Thatcher’s class.

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2 thoughts on “New Relationships Blossom in Hope Valley

  1. I think it will depend on how Ray deals with things. He seems like a charmer, which could be a bad thing. I kinda have my doubts about him “not knowing” the land was unfarmable. I think he is used to getting his way with money and a great smile. I do think it would be interesting to see him fall for Faith, but Faith be gaurded because Elizabeth and Jack warn her to be cautious.


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