Spring Brings Love and Baseball to Hope Valley

Hearties have been anxiously waiting for the start of the new season of When Calls the Heart. After a beautiful Christmas movie filled with love and faith, the anticipation to see what season 4 would bring us has been growing. The season premiere brought love, tender moments, laughs, new faces and was the perfect start to what seems like an incredible season filled with emotion.


We found ourselves in Hope Valley on a gorgeous spring day with our favorite couple, Jack and Elizabeth, enjoying some time on the lake in the rowboat. These sweet moments between the two of them of course leave all of us hearties with melted hearts. Scenes like these are also great representations of the stability and comfort they have with one another in their relationship. We also get to see a more playful and competitive side to our two love birds when they come up with the idea to have a baseball game for the kids. Team Jack versus Team Elizabeth! It was great seeing the banter between the two of them as they were preparing with their teams. We sawElizabeth studying up all about baseball, whereas Jack was more calm and collected. It was really great to see both of these characters in something new, but still be able to remain true to themselves and their personalities.


We were also introduced to several new characters. The first being Ray Wyatt, who is coming to Hope Valley with the hopes of setting up a railroad system running through town. We didn’t get too much in depth with him yet, but I am sure there will be plenty to see of him as the season progresses. We also received a new student to Ms. Thatchers class, Cyrus. There was a beautiful storyline between Cyrus and Elizabeth viewers witnessed. Cyrus comes in as the new kid, but also feels different due to a knee injury he suffered preventing him from playing in the baseball game. However with the encouragement from Elizabeth, he’s able to put himself out there and believe in himself again. And hits a great home run while he’s at it!

Of course, we couldn’t go an episode without our favorite newlyweds Lee and Rosemary. We catch up with Team Honey Bunny as they’re getting used to married life. Lee is busy with work, while Rosemary is trying to keep herself busy making suggestions to Abigail about the town and helping Jack write his speech. Typical Rosemary!


Jack also receives a prestigious award for all his work he has done protecting Hope Valley. I thought the speech he gave was very moving and very true to Jack. We also get a brief glimpse into Abigail’s new position as mayor. This will definetely be an intriguing storyline as the season continues.

I also wanted to mention how fantastic the kids on this show are. There are so many incredibly talented young actors that really bring this show to life. They are the heart and soul and I don’t think this show would be the same without them. Especially in this episode they all did a great job! So a huge shout out goes to Carter, Imogen, Genea, Gracyn, Ava, Jaiven, Spencer, Amelie, Christian, Kadence and all the kids for being so great!

Overall, it was a great start to the new season. The preview at the end definetely gave us a taste of the drama that’s to come. We saw a little bit of everything from lies, to love, a new teacher threatening Elizabeth’s position, a new offer for Jack, and what seemed to be like the perfect scene for a possible proposal. What do you think hearties? Will we get our proposal this season? What are you most looking forward to?

*Picture credit to Hallmark and Crown Media

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