3 Reasons Fernando and Matt are Great Additions to Fuller House

By now I am sure that almost everyone has heard of Fuller House. Based on the hit TV series Full House, Fuller House picks up on our favorite TV family twenty-nine years later. That iconic house is now occupied by DJ Tanner and her three sons,
Stephanie Tanner, and Kimmy Gibbler and her daughter. While there are familiar faces, there are also several new additions to the original cast. One of the significant new faces is Fernando, Kimmy’s ex-husband, who is a race care driving, over-the-top, passionate
Latin who is trying to win her heart back. The other is Matt, DJ’s new co-worker at the vet clinic and love interest. Personally, I think these two characters are great additions to the show beloved by so many. Here are 3 reasons why:

       1. New Dynamics

Both of these characters give viewers new relationships and dynamics among characters that previously had not been seen. We are able to see how both DJ and Kimmy interact with each man in their life. In Full House, they were young and inexperienced. Now they’re women with children of their own. It’s interesting to see how each one balances their roles as mothers and providers, as well as their love lives.

Fernando and Matt also add a new dynamic between themselves and the kids. Viewers can see how the relationship between Matt and DJ’s sons progress. They’ve lost their father but are willing to open up to him. While the relationship between Fernando and his daughter Ramona, portrays that father-daughter relationship. At the same time, Fernando, Kimmy and Ramona represent that little nuclear family and the ups and downs families face. These new dynamics allow for storylines anyone can relate to.


       2. Adds a Man’s Perspective

The show focuses on these three women and their kids, but these two men provide the guys point-of -view on all these situations they face. I think it really helps balance the show and the characters. With Fernando we get to see that over protective father right before Ramona goes out on her first date. Whereas Matt serves as DJ’s reminder that boys will be boys when her sons are acting up. He serves as a potential father figure that is missing from the Tanner family.

       3. Give Fans Someone to Root For

Both of these characters are so lovable that you can’t help but find yourself rooting for them! Fernando never disappoints to make you laugh. Then you add him together with Kimmy and they’re literally the perfect pair! They are definitely fan favorites! And Matt is sort of like Prince Charming, tall, good looking, and very smooth. Even if you’re not Team Matt, you really can’t help but love him. If you are Team Matt, then you’re probably completely obsessed with him and DJ together.


Overall, I think the creators and writers of the show did an amazing job creating these characters. Not only are the characters great, but the actors who play them are incredible. Juan Pablo Di Pace and John Brotherton have done an amazing job bringing these characters to life and have quickly become fan favorites!

*All pictures belong to Jeff Franklin Productions and Netflix



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