BB18 Finale: Paul Was Robbed

So for anyone who watched the Big Brother finale Wednesday night witnessed probably one of the biggest shocks in all these seasons of the show. Nicole beat Paul by a 5 to 4 vote from the jury. For those of you rooting for Nicole, well I don’t really have anything nice to say so I better not say anything. For those of us rooting for Paul, we were all livid and with good reason! There have been some great players in all these seasons of Big Brother and some well deserving winners. However, Paul played one of the best games Iunnamed2‘ve seen in a long time.

From day one this man was already considered somewhat of a target because of his loud and in-your-face personality. He didn’t care what the others thought of him and had no problem speaking his mind. Of course, people don’t like to hear the truth and get easily offended, but Paul never cared. He was put on the block, either as a pawn or as the target, 6 times. And every time he managed to save himself, either by winning the veto competition or by talking his way off. That enough deserves some sort of reward! He also never really had a solid alliance with anyone other than Victor. Everyone else had somewhat of a larger alliance protecting them, but Paul and Victor really only had each other. Time after time they got stabbed in the back by those they thought they could trust, but in the end no one had their backs.

After Victor got evicted, Paul turned into a complete competition beast. He won the HOH after Victor’s eviction where he put up Corey and Nicole, and then went on to win the Veto that sent Corey to the jury. Then he crushed part 1 of the final HOH, and beat Nicole in the final part securing himself a final 2 spot. At this point, I am pretty sure we all thought Paul had the win in the bag. Most people had Paul winning with either Nicole or James sitting next to him. James did a lot of nothing this season and Nicole seemunnamed3ed to be hated by most of the jury.

So what went wrong? His final speech he gave to the jury alone was worth $500,000! In my opinion the problem didn’t lie in his gameplay, the problem was with the jury. The jury was composed of bitter people who may have still been offended by something said in the house, along with having a strong need of showing girl power. Paul played an amazing game! He was good at competitions, was able to get himself out of sticky situations, and had a great social game. He is probably one of the best speakers that house has ever seen! Not to mention he kept things fun, was hilarious, and truly made us viewers love him and his crazy personality. The only good thing that came from the finale was that Victor won America’s Favorite Houseguest, which was extremely well deserved! Thank you Paul and Victor for giving us such an enjoyable season, because it would not have been the same without you two! You guys will always be the best Big Brother duo of all time for me and many others! #FRIENDSHIP


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