Preview: AGT Finale

On Tuesday, summer’s number one talent show comes to an end. After thousands of auditions we are down to the last 10 acts on America’s Got Talent. In this year’s finale there’s a little bit of something for everyone. This season was definitely the year of the singer with 5 musicians making it to the finale. They are 13-year-old opera singer Laura Bretan, crooner Sal Valentinetti, the powerful quartet of Linkin’ Bridge, powerhouse singer Brian Justin Crum, and 12-year-old singer songwriter Grace VanderWaal. The other remaining finalists are made up of magician Jon Dorenbos, juggler Viktor Kee, contortionist Sofie Dossi, the incredible Clairvoyants, and comedian Tape Face.

This season truly has been filled with incredible talents and any one of finalists are deserving to win. However, for me, three acts stand out at the top. Grace VanderWaal, Brian Justin Crum, and The Clairvoyants are easily my top three this season.

Starting with Grace, this 12-year-old singer songwriter truly defines what being talented is. The songs she writes could already be number 1 hits. For being so young her maturity is well beyond her years. Her lyrics flow and take you through a story with her. Many say that her voice breaks too much or isn’t always on pitch, but I think it’s those imperfections that make her perfect. I am 21-years-old and I would pay big money to see this little girl in concert someday.

Brianjustincrum.pngAnother powerhouse singer that deserves to have a successful career in the music industry is Brian Justin Crum. Not only does he have one of the best voices I’ve heard in a while, but he makes you feel every lyric he sings through all the emotion he pours into his performances. Not many singers can make me cry and give me goosebumps at the same time, but he managed to do so. I hope to someday see him headlining his own world tour.

Finally, we have The Clairvoyants. This couple manages to amaze me and freak me out every time they perform. They haven’t had one bad performance, instead the34C6502300000578-3616632-image-m-66_1464633026057.jpgy have made each one better than the last and even more compelling. I can’t even being to comprehend how these two do what they do, but it truly is amazing and is deserving of their own show.

Overall, this has been one of the best seasons of America’s Got Talent. Not only have they had incredible talent this year, but there are been so many inspirational and touching stories as well. Any one of these acts are deserving to win and have successful careers. I am looking forward to who America will choose.

*All images credit to NBC*

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