Alliances Solidified in Big Brother

For anyone watching the current season of Big Brother, I think it is safe to say that the alliances in the house were made clear this past week. Before this previous week there were two obvious alliances. On one side we had the adorable Natalie and James with the third-wheeling Michelle, and on the other side the unstoppable duo of Victor and Paul.

Playing both sides of the house, Nicole and Corey were forced to pick a side after Nicole won the HOH competition. Nicole knew she wanted to get rid of Michelle, however, she didn’t want to show all her cards yet. With the intention of proving “Pictor” could be trusted, Paul volunteered himself to be the pawn. *ME SCREAMING WHY?! PAWNS ALWAYS GO HOME!* Trying to have the least amount of blood on her hands and sticking to the plan, Nicole nominated Michelle and Paul. I do have to say I was impressed with Michelle because there were no tears shed after the nomination ceremony! Nicely done Meech!

With the veto competition coming up, best case scenarios for “Nicorey” were for the nominations to stay the same or Victor winning and pulling Paul off the block. Continuing her winning streak and proving she has some pretty good math skills, Nicole won the veto and kept the nominations the same.

Time now for a great example of paranoia seen in the Big Brother house! Earlier in the week Corey won America’s Care Package, which gave him the power to bribe someone in the house with $5,000. Let’s take a look at how he used this advantage. The paranoia began to set in while Nicole and Corey were talking about the possibility that Victor was playing the entire house, including his best friend Paul, and was actually working with Natalie and James to evict Paul. Now I understand you can never really fully trust anyone in the Big Brother house, but this just seemed a bit too much for me. Paul and Victor were friends and working together from the moment they walked into the house! And what good have Natalie or James ever done for Victor? Other than evict him…twice. However, that paranoia led to Corey “bribing” Victor with the $5,000 to make sure he voted out Michelle. Though I didn’t think this was a great game move, I was happy Victor got some money out of something he was already going to do. You go Vic!

That night during the eviction, the line was drawn between both sides of the house when Nicole broke the tie to send Michelle to the jury house. I did appreciate how big of a fan Michelle was, but I do think it was her time to go. We are now left with “Nicorey” and “Pictor” versus “Jatalie.” I am definitely very excited to see who wins this next HOH and how the week will turn out! Check back next Saturday for my recap!


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